Fear of Falling

Fear of Falling by Robert Ensley

go look in lot 72c
laurel said there
overhanging the sidewalk
is a squirrel and you
know how parents tell
us how the
cat will come
down because you never
see a cats
skeleton up a
tree well just go

and i did but
almost missed it even
almost bumped my
head on it because it
didnt look much like
a squirrel
anymore it hung
suspended just five
feet up with four
feet around a maple
branch and one bony

more a rats than
a squirrels but only
because it died a
baby clinging dearly for what
little life it knew and id
pictured a perfect mounted
skeleton but found a sad
wizened husk empty crying
eyes delicate drawn
leather for hands gripped
tight body twisted in the

that neither birds nor
bugs nor rain nor wind so
strong it blew over a great
tree not twenty years
away onto a parked
car could separate it
so tangled and locked it
was fused was part of
the tree now so macabre i
told laurel and repellent but
so pitiful our hearts

to think it dying with
out so much as a
kiss goodbye the promise of
something better to
come that unspoken froze
the trembling heart in
horror froze limbs about
limbs unreleasing crying
out what now god im
afraid where are you please
o god please dont let me


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