ShipMath January 2009

NEWS SU alumna Lindsay Housholder has taken a position as an Operations Research Analyst with Science Applications International Corporation. Lindsay graduated with her BS (statistics concentration) in 2008. Professors Ji Young Choi, Winston Crawley, Doug Ensley, James Hamblin, Lenny Jones, Kate McGivney, Kim Presser, and Marc Renault attended the Joint Mathematics Meetings in Washington, DC. […]

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Workload equivalency for undergraduate research

The following unscientific study was conducted by e-mailing a bunch of friends (a.k.a., the Project NExT listserve) a request for the following information: Highest degree awarded at your school: _____ Approx. # of students at your school: _____ Typical teaching load: ____ Workload equiv. for undergraduate research: ____ (no/yes/if-yes-how?) Because of the awesomeness (awesomicity? awesomitude?) […]

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